From historic attacks to contaminated land, I traveled to each of the U.S states that sit along the border of Mexico. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California each have unique towns with unique stories pertaining to the very topical border that separates both countries.
This wonderful roadside attraction sits near Marathon, Texas Obviously it isn't real but it does show up on google maps as a Target store. I wonder how many people were excited to by some groceries only to pull up to a small brick building in the middle of the desert!
This Prada store is actually an art sculpture created in 2005 by artists Elmgreen and Dragset. It's called Prada Marfa however it's actually located closer the Valentine than Marfa. It showcases real Prada handbags and shoes inside from the 2005 collection. A definite roadside attraction must see when in Texas!
Checking out some interesting roadside attractions in the great state of Texas. I check out the well known Cadillac Ranch and then move on to the incredible Jack Sisemore RV museum just down the road. From there I go out to rural Texas to track down a few movie locations from the movie Castaway and run into a giant spider crossing the road.