Lucy The Elephant is the epitome of roadside attractions. She is not only the oldest surviving one in America, but she is also the worlds largest Elephant. Sitting right on the beach in New Jersey, just down the road from Atlantic City. Trust me, it's worth the drive to see her!
Being in a hot air balloon was very different than I thought it would be. I had the opportunity to take a ride during the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning. Total bucketlist item for me! Floating over thousands of cheering people coupled with some amazing views was such a fantastic experience.
I took the opportunity to fly around in a beautiful B-17 Flying Fortress! The "Nine 0 Nine" These bombers are incredibly large, incredibly loud, and incredibly amazing! One of my favorite planes of the WWII era. I started a second channel - mobile instinct2 Check it out!
I have always had a love for the P-51 Mustangs so when the opportunity came up to fly in a TF-51D, I jumped at the chance! "Toulouse Nuts" is a unique Mustang variant with a full dual cockpit and bubble canopy. P-51 video - I started a second channel - mobile instinct2 Check it out!
Exploring old train tunnels in New Jersey. The first Manunka Chunk tunnel opened in 1856 with the second to follow in the 1860s. From the beginning, these tunnels were plagued with major water problems and cave-ins. After a massive flood in 1913 and a new bypass was created, the tunnels were used less and less.
Finding the Annie Bridge and exploring an old Nazi camp. Oddments Vlog #6 *** Please read before commenting*** The NX bridge is in Kearny AND Newark as it spans the Passaic River which separates both cities. Newark is a far more recognized city. That is why I have listed as Newark NJ and not Kearny NJ.

Check me out on Instagram - mobileinstinct Direct link - Oddments Vlog #1 Touring through Eastern Pennsylvania and crossing the river into New Jersey I check out an abandoned Futuro House, Henry Mercers amazing collections, explore an old abandoned train car in Lambertville NJ, and finally check out an old abandoned train bridge.
School bus crushed by a tree - Oddments Vlog #2 Getting weird in NJ. Continuing my tour of interesting and odd places around northern New Jersey. I check out the Van Slyke Castle remains in Ramapo New Jersey. What was once a beautiful mansion on top of a mountain.
In New Jersey filming some Annie filming locations. The main house is located at Monmouth University, and the famous Annie train bridge at the end that she climbs is located in Newark, NJ. PS I had to change some of the songs a little because of copyright laws but you still get the general look and feel.
I recently took an amazing trip back in time through the abandoned hospital on Ellis Island. The contagious disease hospital is full of incredible history. It was truly amazing to experience walking through this place. Have a cool place you want me to check out? Visit my website!