While most people come to the Anza Borrego Desert to see the amazing wild flowers and the giant mountain views, I was excited to check out the 130 + metal sculptures that are scattered through-out the area. Ricardo Breceda has been an artist and sculptor for many years with world wide recognition.
From historic attacks to contaminated land, I traveled to each of the U.S states that sit along the border of Mexico. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California each have unique towns with unique stories pertaining to the very topical border that separates both countries.
2nd CHANNEL -mobileinstinct2 Video of me in a P-51 Mustang - https://youtu.be/6t5nibH0apc Chino, California is home to one of the best air museums I have been to. The Planes of Fame Air Museum is definitely worth a look the next time you are in the area.
Second Channel - mobileinstinct2 Point Estero ran aground in Estero Bay near Cayucos, California. The fishing vessel was heading back to port in Morro Bay when it drifted ashore while in heavy fog. The Coast Guard decided to leave it on the rocks but remove the engine and any fuel on board.
Second Channel - www.youtube.com/mobileinstinct2 Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California is home to an entire beach of small pieces of glass. It is the result of a town dump which started back in 1906 and was shut down in 1967. What remains are millions and millions of these colorful glass particles.
Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge in heavy fog is an amazing experience. I also finally got up to see Battery Spencer which sits high above the passing cars and over looking San Francisco. Main Channel - https://www.youtube.com/mobileinstinct Instagram - mobileinstinct - https://www.instagram.com/mobileinstinct Any suggestions of places for me to see?
Exploring some more of California. I had to stop off at Yosemite National Park to see that amazing place for myself. After that, I travel down to Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon to see some of these giants in person. General Sherman was absolutely awe inspiring.
An empty town in California complete with a school, church, firehouse, stores, even a morgue! Traveling through California I stopped off at the incredible Redwoods! So amazing to see these giants in person. From there I went on to explore Bodie, an incredibly preserved town in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Exploring the old abandoned zoo in Los Angeles and comparing then and now. This was one of the coolest places I explored in Los Angeles hands down. The old Griffith Park Zoo closed down in the 1960's and what remains are a collection of ridiculously small cages for the size of the animals that used to be housed in them and some really cool bear grottos.