From historic attacks to contaminated land, I traveled to each of the U.S states that sit along the border of Mexico. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California each have unique towns with unique stories pertaining to the very topical border that separates both countries.
White Sands, New Mexico - Home to seemingly endless giant sand dunes out in the middle of nowhere. This place is worth a short stop or even full a weekend stay. Don't forget the bring your plastic saucer sleds for some dune sledding fun.
This abandoned church sits in a dusty old town in rural New Mexico. Not sure of the name as I was just passing through. The town appears to be totally empty but I don't know for sure.
Way out in the New Mexico desert is an area aptly named the library. Cabinetlandia was created by the magazine Cabinet and features among other things, a metal file cabinet that has been molded into the earth. It's amazingly stuffed with all kinds of donations for future travelers that may come across this amazing place.