After the sinking of the Titanic, ships were sent out to recover the bodies still floating in the North Atlantic. Those deceased were either given a proper burial at sea or were brought to Nova Scotia. Most of them were then buried in 3 different cemeteries in Halifax.
Exploring the 1960's Teleglobe Earth Satellite Station in Nova Scotia. This place has been abandoned since the 1990's but was once one of only 5 Satellite Stations in the world like it and the most important one in North America. It was built in Mill Village because of its remote location and quiet surroundings.
Incredible sea caves located in St. Martins, small village in New Brunswick Canada. The Bay of Fundy's tidal difference here is large enough that you can actually walk around this area during low tide. Main Channel - Instagram - mobileinstinct I post a lot of different pictures from my travels.
Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia one of the best sunsets in all of Nova Scotia. Definitely worth a drive down there and after the beautiful sites, you can eat dinner in the restaurant. Plus it's not too far from Halifax. Just one of the many gems in Canada.
The Bay of Fundy in Canada is home to the highest tides on earth. At over 50 ft in some areas, the low tide and high tide difference completely changes the coastline 2 times a day and allows you to walk along the ocean floor.