Mt. Katahdin in Maine has an infamous trail called The Knife Edge. It connects some of the more prominent peaks and eventually leads up to Baxter Peak which is the tallest in Maine. It's known for being one of the more dangerous hikes because of its ultra skinny hiking areas and deadly drops on either side.
I recently visited the filming locations to Stephen King's Pet Sematary up in Maine. Sit back and enjoy the then and now comparison. Even the big red truck still exists! Second channel - mobile instinct2 Check it out! Have a cool place you want me to check out?
Bangor Maine is home to one of the most famous authors of all time. Stephen King lives here and his house is an amazing place to visit. The wrought iron fence that surrounds the property is decorated with spiders, webs, and bat like creatures. Its truly beautiful to see in real life.
My Pet Sematary Filming Locations video is here - Hidden away, up in northern Maine sits the very truck from Pet Sematary. I was so lucky to have been able to track this down. My favorite movie from the Stephen King novels. Be sure to check out the complete filming locations video I recently made.
Chocolate moose, real moose, and big waves - I visit beautiful Maine! Checking out Len Libby's Chocolate Moose and then hit the beautiful Maine coastline for a salt water bath. Then a trip to Maine Wildlife Park to see some actual real moose!