From historic attacks to contaminated land, I traveled to each of the U.S states that sit along the border of Mexico. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California each have unique towns with unique stories pertaining to the very topical border that separates both countries.
Tucson Arizona is home to some incredible natural beauty. One of my favorite areas is on top of Mt. Lemmon along the Catalina Highway. These hoodoo rock formations tower above the roadway like skyscrapers. Truly mother natures beautiful work.
There are so many incredible abandoned places in Arizona. I explore some incredible places left behind forever. Two Guns, Twin Arrows, and of course I had to tour through the Apache Death Cave. Arizona never lets me down.
Thanks for checking out my Wraith filming locations video ! The Wraith has been one of my favorite 80s movies for as long as I can remember. I knew I had to do a Wraith filming locations video as soon as I got out to Tucson Arizona.
Places like The Pima Air and Space Museum always amazing me because of the opportunity to get up close and personal to these amazing airplanes and helicopters. Its full of vintage airplanes and restored fighter jets. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was amazing to see as well.