Here's a small collection of photos from various road trips over the years. Be sure to follow me on Instagram by clicking the logo to the right


Miniature Castle in New York

From Oddments Vlog #8  This tiny castle sits on Heart Island in Alexandria Bay, part of the Thousand Islands region. It's actually a power station to the incredible Boldt Castle.

If you haven't watched this video yet, just click the photo and it will send you directly to it.

Cruising through the Everglades

This is from the time I took a fast and amazing ride though the gator infested Everglades! This is an absolute must do the next time you are down in the area. 

I have a full video of this experience and you can see it by clicking the photo!

The Hurricane Deck at Niagara Falls

In my opinion, this is the best thing to do when at Niagara Falls. Located on the New York side, you take an elevator down to the bottom of the falls and make your way along the deck and up various stair cases which brings you to the very bottom of the falls. The wind and "rain" that are created from the huge drop make it seem just like a Hurricane. Truly incredible to experience.

Watch this video by clicking the photo. It's a must see