Canon PowerShot G7 X

I use this camera a lot because it's very superior in low light conditions so any abandoned structure or tunnel, this is the one to use. Also, It's small and fairly light so it easily stows away in a pocket which is great for long hikes or anywhere you don't want to lug around a big DLSR. I sometimes use it with a small light tripod or better yet, for a super smooth shot, I'll use it with the Zhiyun Crane V2 Stabilizer.


Canon 5D Mark III

I shoot a lot of photos and of course film a lot of videos. This camera and its legendary performance is the end all be all choice for me when it comes to DSLRs. I use this for filming when I need a nice wide shot. It's a little pricey but absolutely worth every penny if you're looking for a professional look and feel to your photos and video.



Canon 80D with 18-55 Lens

If you're looking for a great, affordable camera with video AUTO FOCUS, then this is the camera for you! I recently just bought this baby and really love the fact that I can touch the fold out display screen to manually focus on whatever I want. Or I can just leave it up to the camera. Truly incredible camera and very reasonably priced for what you get.


Canon 10-22 Wide Angle Lens

This is my go to lens when I'm filming with my DSLR and also when I need a wide angle for a photograph. It's very affordable for the quality of the image and the construction of the lens. There are better lenses on the market but for much more money and in my opinion not that much better if at all.


Canon 24-105 Lens

This is a great quality semi long lens that is always in my bag. I use it for long shots in videos its also a go to for photography shots. L lens quality which is Canon's top of the line and it also has Image Stability!


Zhiyun Stabilizer

This stabilizer can handle all of my cameras however I usually just use it with the Canon G7 X. It provides a super smooth look which I really love to have in my videos. There are a few simple controls on it which allow you to change settings very easily. I very rarely film anything without a stableizer and this one works the best for me.


GoPro Hero6 Black

I use GoPro Hero 5 and 6 for filming. Usually when I'm doing something with action like on a speed boat or at the beach. This along with the Feyui Stabilizer is a nice smooth shot. When I started out, this was my go to but I seem to be in darker areas a lot of the time these days so the Canon G7 X is used far more. However, on a nice sunny day, the Go


Feyui G3 Gimbal for GoPro

A very light and compact stabilizer. Absolutely perfect with the GoPro if you're looking for a nice smooth shot even while doing some extreme action. I always have this combo in my bag and ready to go.


DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone

This isn't the newest drone out there or the best but I love this thing. Easy to control and it has a great camera built into it.  I didn't want to spend too much money on a drone for fear of losing it in a river or a nasty crash. It's pretty affordable as decent drone prices go and it has been phenominal.


Zoom H1 Audio Recorder

I always use a stand alone audio recorder for much better quality than the camera's factory microphone. The H1 is very affordable, lightweight and good quality for the money. I hook up a basic lapel or cannon style mic.

Neewer LED Dimmable Light

This is a perfect lightweight and affordable camera light to use for dimly lit areas. I always look for the kind of lights that have a dimming feature so I can lower the strength and shine it towards my face when talking to the camera and it doesn't over brighten me when in dark areas. Yet on full strength it's very bright and perfect for lighting up dark rooms and tunnels. Plus LED lights have great long battery life.

Manfrotto Mini Tripod

I always have a smaller tripod on me. I'll sometimes connect my camera to it when I can't use a stabilizer. It provides a smoother shot that just holding the camera by itself. Also I use these small tripods if I'm going to show a wide or far away shot of me walking or climbing something. It's light, small and easy to carry.

Lykus Drone Backpack

I love having this bag to lug around all the drone equipment. It houses everything you need including extra batteries and propellers. On long trips when I only want to bring one bag, I can transfer everything from my camera bag into this one! Great construction and at a good price point.

Altura Rain Cover for Camera

It's inevitable, you'll eventually end up somewhere in the rain! I always have this in the truck in case some storm clouds roll in. For the few bucks that it costs, I rather have it and never use it, than not have it and ruin my camera or not be able to shoot.

Vello Remote Trigger

I can't tell you how many times I have used this amazing gadget when out exploring by myself. Perfect for photos of yourself when you have to be far from the camera. A cool trick is to set the camera on a timer so you can stick the remote in your pocket before the photo is taken!



Great Affordable Camera Bag

This think fits everything I need for a day trip somewhere and is decently waterproof. Its much lighter than some of the other camera bags that I have which is nice for long hikes.

Nice Sized Roomier Camera Backpack

This bag is my go to when I'm traveling for a long time. It has a slot for my laptop which is really nice. Plus it holds 2 cameras, maybe three depending on the size of them and number of lenses. It's also not so big that its obnoxious. My favorite camera back pack I've had!